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    HUNDRED OBJECTIONS to first metro line alone – public session to be held today

    On the occasion of today’s public session regarding the draft Plan for the General Regulation of Rail Systems in Belgrade, Slaven Tica, a professor of the Faculty of Transportation of the University of Belgrade, has said that everyone will be able to comment on the metro line plan, but he stressed that it has to be done by competent institutions.

    According to RTS, a total of a hundred objections were received for the plan for the first metro line, and among them an objection submitted by the Faculty of Civil Engineering. The essence of this comment given by the Faculty a year ago is that the concept is wrong and that it is necessary for the first metro line to connect Ustanicka street and Novi Beograd via Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra street. In this way, the most important stations would be constructed, the Sava river would be bridged and this, according to them, would have the best effects.

    According to Tica, the objections, if adopted, will be included in the project, but it is important that the objections come from the relevant institutions.

    On the other hand, he points out that the engineering profession is based on numbers, data and facts, and in no way, as he says, on wishes.

    “Everything has to be precise,” he adds.

    He points out that the role of the Faculty of Transportation in relation to public metro lines was limited.

    „We used data from official institutions. We did not work on defining any functional and technical elements of the future network of lines,“ Tica notes.

    He points out that the concept of networks included in the General Plan for the Regulation of Rail Systems was made by the British WSP company in 2016.

    Tica believes that, when it comes to numerous objections, it is important to see where they come from.

    „The only relevant institution that deals with public transport is the Faculty of Transportation, which did not give any objections. We trust our colleagues, primarily the British ones. „WSP is a serious company with 300 offices around the world and strong references for metro projects around the world, and the same goes for the French Egis Rail,“ Tica says.

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