A new round: RTS vs. United Media

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    A new round: RTS vs. United Media

    Apart from looking for much higher prices for broadcasting its programs abroad, “Radio-televizija Srbije” is also looking for a special fee for rewinding option and for airing its programs on mobile phones and computers in Serbia, N1 reports.

    While United Group says those are services that are not being charged anywhere else in the world, President of Board of Directors at RTS says that this body has not decided on that item as well.

    Once irreplaceable, television is often replaced by computers and mobile phones in the 21st century. That is why cable operators offer users the possibility to bring their television with them, watch it anytime and anyplace. Furthermore, they claim they are not paying special fees to TV channels for that anywhere in the world.

    “All distribution platforms in Europe are absolutely equal. We do not pay special fee for the same channel on mobile devices. We do not have such practice anywhere in the world,” Vice President of United Group Dragica Pilipovic states. However, Serbia’s public broadcaster wants to charge a fee for airing RTS programs on mobile devices of EUR0.09 a month per user, which CEO of RTS clearly confirmed in his memo to United Group back in March.

    “RTS cannot accept EON service and approve it as simple multi-screen functionality of basic SBB distribution service of our media package. EON service is much more than that, and accordingly it must be a subject of a special agreement, that would imply a special fee as well,” the memo stipulates.

    Board of Directors of RTS has not discussed about introduction of fees for broadcasting programs on mobile device. Chairman of the Board of Directors Vladimir Vuletic stated this claim with N1, earlier confirming that increase in price for broadcasting programs abroad was not in front members of that body as well.

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