Why did company Nestle return “Cipiripi” to us?

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    Why did company Nestle return “Cipiripi” to us?

    The company Nestle has announced that it has sold confectionery production “Cipiripi” out of strategic reasons – it will dedicate itself to healthier production, B92 reports.

    Communications Director at Nestle Adriatic Iva Taiber has said that company is turning towards the use of healthier ingredients in production, thus it simply cannot do everything.

    “The brand “Cipiripi” has its long and rich history with more than 27 years of presence in Serbia and it is a synonym for happy memories and childhood. In “Paracinka” that is a part of Silbo distribution group, we have found a new home for our confectionery brand “Cipiripi” within which the brand will continue to develop and improve. At the same time this transaction will enable company Nestle better focus on portion of the assortment of its globally recognized brands, for which we plan a strong growth in the future,” she has added.

    She has said that Nestle is reaching to new partners, and as an example she has mentioned the recent agreement with Starbucks.

    As a reminder, the company Nestle announced at the beginning of the month that it is selling “Cipiripi” in Serbia as part of its continuous portfolio revision.

    It is expected of transaction that includes chocolate bars and creams to be completed at the end of second quarter of 2018, following conclusion of usual approval and final conditions.

    The company has pointed out that transaction will have no effect on jobs in the company Nestle Adriatic.

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