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    A market of 180 million people is opening for Serbia

    Trade Minister Rasim Ljajic has said that the free trade agreement signed several days ago with the Eurasian Union enables access to a market of 180 million people, and that it includes two new countries – Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

    „We have a new list of goods that will be on a duty-free regime, fruit brandy, goat and sheep cheese, for the first time a quota of 2,000 tons of cigarettes, less than 90,000 litres of cognac, 400 tons of cow cheese that will be able to be exported to the market of the Eurasian Union“, Ljajic told RTS.

    He recalled that Russia and Serbia had a free trade agreement that objectively had an asymmetrical character – „they can export more goods to our country without customs duties than we can export there“.

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