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    A JOB for 184 drivers in GSP

    The Serbian government approved to the City of Belgrade the employment of 184 drivers to „Gradsko saobracajno preduzece Beograd“, Deputy Mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesic has stated. The competent Government commission has approved permanent employment for 84 drivers and 100 will have a fixed-term contract, Vesic has said, adding that GSP is short 120 drivers at this moment, as they currently have 2,685 drivers and 2,805 are needed. Vesic has said that average salary in GSP is RSD 65,000, while last year it was RSD 52,000. He has pointed out that 40 new buses will be on the streets of Belgrade until Friday, May 31st, and additional 30 until June 24th, while another 174 will be in operation until the end of September, thus a total of 244 new vehicles. Vesic has pointed out that higher collection of public transport tickets is necessary, and he has invited all companies to respect opinion of the Ministry of Finance and purchase monthly passes for employees or justify spending of those funds with original receipts

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    Foto: Beoinfo

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