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    Take a look at ranking of Belgrade – TOP LIST of the most expensive and cheapest PUBLIC TRANSPORT in the world

    London, Dublin and Oakland have the most expensive public transport in the world, while the cheapest is in Buenos Aires, Mumbai and Mexico City, annual survey of Deutsche Bank on prices and standard of living has shown. The survey of this bank includes 55 cities all over the world, and differences it has revealed are huge – while London’s average monthly pass is the most expensive and costs EUR 155, in Buenos Aires it is the cheapest and it costs less than EUR 14. The price in Dublin is EUR 115, in Oakland in New Zealand it is EUR 112, while in Mumbai and Mexico City monthly pass costs EUR 15 and EUR 18 respectively, „Nova ekonomija“ reports. As a comparison, monthly pass in Zone 1 for employees in Belgrade costs RSD 2,990 (EUR 25), RSD 2,532 (EUR 21) in Novi Sad and RSD 1,980 (EUR 17) in Nis, according to data from the website Bus plus and public transportation directorates of Novi Sad and Nis. In comparison with other cities of the Deutsche Bank’s survey, public transportation in Serbia is among the cheapest. However, the survey is only comparing prices of transportation, not the amount of income of those who use transportation, nor the quality of service they receive for the money. Out of 55 cities in the survey only nine have cheaper monthly pass for public transportation than Belgrade.

    Izvor: Nova ekonomija

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