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    2023. will be the year of women’s entrepreneurship

    The next year, 2023, will be the year of women’s entrepreneurship  and high initiatives are expected to be implemented, as well as the launch of new ones, in order to encourage as many women as possible to start their own business, announced director of the Entrepreneurship Sector of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC), Branislava Simanic.

    She presented the results of the activities in the past period and highlighted the three most important initiatives launched by the members of that section, which the Government of Serbia recognized and implemented.

    „Last year, programs for financing specifically for women entrepreneurs were launched for the first time, the second initiative is that Serbia has been keeping gender-sensitive statistics since June 1, 2022, and the third, the most important, is that from March 1, and possibly from January 1, 2023, the rights of women entrepreneurs will be equal to the other women when it comes to maternity leave,“ Simanic said.

    Assistant Minister of Economy Katarina Obradovic Jovanovic said that there was a visible shift in women’s entrepreneurship and that women no longer go into business out of necessity, but that entrepreneurship is a chance.

    „The state has recognized women’s entrepreneurship as a development opportunity,“ Obradovic Jovanovic added.

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