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    Zühlke Group: New Management of Global Development Center Serbia

    Isidora Usendic Stosic, Dusan Krompic and Marko Simic shall be appointed as Executive Directors of Zühlke Serbia effective from 1 December, following the recent appointment of Aleksandar Marjanovic to the Zühlke Group Executive Board.

    Appointment of the new management to head the Development Center Serbia and the recent appointment of the current CEO to the Executive Board of the Group, shall push Zühlke to further accelerate the company’s strategy paving the way towards global expansion. „Our key task is to turn our development centers into one of the pillars of the Zühlke Group, and make the necessary efforts to enable our center in Serbia, being the largest one, to reach the highest level of responsibility“, the team puts it.

    As stated, in the year ahead, which will undoubtedly be different from any of the previous ones, the focus will be on boosting the growth of the company further along with professional staff development, adapting constantly along the way and responding appropriately to the new circumstances and the new challenges.

    Marko Simić, Isidora Ušendić Stošić, Dušan Krompić

    „One of the tasks of great importance implies expansion of the scope of cooperation with local and regional companies, in view of the fact that it is in the development of a strong ecosystem partnership that we find a strong potential for achieving higher business results for even better performance. At the same time, by hiring local experts globally, we keep strongly supporting other locations in Europe and Asia“, as the company stated.

    „Once the professionals as the ones leading Zühlke operations in Serbia and the Group on the global level, see you as a person capable of continuing their work and even make a move, needless to say, it is an honor. In a company relying upon the business model called „future“, being part of the management team is a great challenge. A type of challenge that delivers a better you, the challenge you shouldn’t miss“, says Marko Simic (GDC Business Partner).

    As confirmed by Dusan Krompic (Head of Operations), he is fully prepared for new challenges. „It is a great pleasure to work in an environment that tends to encourage advancement and personal development. Our common responsibility is to proceed further with the ongoing development of Zühlke Serbia maintaining a high level of success achieved so far, and contribute to further development of the Group as a part of the Global Development Center“, Dusan Krompic says.

    Isidora Usendic Stosić (Head of Service) fully agrees with her colleagues. „I am grateful for the trust invested in me, and proud to have made the choice that clearly shows „diversity“ is not a myth but rather a reality in Zühlke. We are facing rather high expectations and great challenges, but I strongly believe we will make the most of our collaboration and  encourage diverse opinion-sharing to find the best solution for both the company and our employees“, Isidora Usendic Stosic emphasizes.

    Current CEO, Zühlke Serbia, Aleksandar Marjanovic, acting also as an Executive Director, Global Development Centers, is confident that under the new management, the team will successfully respond to any challenge whatsoever. „I’m fully convinced that by relying upon such a highly experienced and committed team, we will have another successful chapter featured in the history of not only Zuhlke companies operating in Serbia, but the Group on the global level“, as stated by Aleksandar Marjanovic.

    Zühlke Group is a globally oriented IT company offering a vast array of product innovation services intended for clients from a wide range of industries. Zühlke creates new business models, primarily by developing services and products based on new technologies – from initial vision to end use. The company was founded in Switzerland in 1968 and is currently operating in Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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