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    Zorana Mihajlović, zima

    Zorana Mihajlovic points out: These are 3 REASONS for electricity price increase

    Minister of Mining and Energy, Zorana Mihajlovic, said today that the misconceptions should be overcome because there is no more cheap energy and she emphasized that electricity should increase in price, but that the increase in price must be sustainable.

    At the conference „Energy and the Balkans: transition to renewable sources and improvement of energy connections“, Mihajlovic stressed that there were three reasons for this.

    What are the reasons for the rise in electricity price?

    The first is that in the previous year and a half, oil, coal, gas and pellet have increased in price, and the second reason is the need to save energy and increase energy efficiency because we should get prepared for winter.

    The third reason is the disastrous management of Elektroprivreda Srbije over the past six years, but that is not the point. The bottom line is that EPS must emerge from this difficult crisis on its feet, not on its knees, and the state, the economy and citizens, all together, must help EPS survive,“ Mihajlovic said.

    “Difficult winter is ahead of us”

    She emphasized that the percentage of electricity price increase was not determined by the Ministry, but by the Energy Agency, and that it had to be sustainable.

    „It is high time that we save energy and pay attention to energy consumption because a difficult winter is ahead of us,“ Mihajlovic said.

    When asked how many citizens, in accordance with the Regulation, will be able to obtain the status of a protected buyer and pay a more favorable price, she answered that the criteria were extended, and that it was currently estimated that about 10,000 households could use electricity in accordance with the Regulation on an energy-endangered buyer.

    „When it comes to gas, there are about 1,500 households and about 50,000 households when it comes to thermal energy,“ Mihajlovic said, stressing that everything was prepared to help those who could not pay.

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