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    Zlatibor gondola gets new branch

    In the upcoming period, the Youth Office will be opened on Zlatibor, and the „most important“ project will be the construction of a new branch of the Zlatibor Gold gondola from the intermediate station of the existing route at Ribnicko Lake to the top of Cigota.

    This was announced after the meeting of Minister of Tourism and Youth, Husein Memic, with the authorities of the municipality of Cajetina.

    As stated, Memic, president of the municipality of Cajetina, Milan Stamatovic, and director of the Zlatibor Tourist Organization, Vladimir Zivanovic, agreed that the opening of that office would be the right move in helping young people and creating conditions for a better life.

    It was also stated that in the upcoming period, 20 sports fields should be built near the centre of the inhabited part of Zlatibor, and the construction of golf courses, a modern autodrome, and a large number of pedestrian and cycling paths is planned.

    Izvor: BIZLife

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