WORSE THAN EVER: Undertakers CANNOT REMEMBER TIMES with so many funerals

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    WORSE THAN EVER: Undertakers CANNOT REMEMBER TIMES with so many funerals

    Undertakers from the majority of Serbian cities claim they have never had this many funerals, not even during the previous waves of the epidemic.

    In Belgrade, 1,417 deceased persons were buried in ten city cemeteries in September. The fact that 1,017, i.e. 936 deceased persons, were buried in the same month last year and the year before last, speaks of the increase in the mortality rate, the Blic daily reports.

    Since the beginning of October, an average number of 60 funerals have been conducted on a daily basis in Belgrade. Pogrebne usluge (Funeral services), Belgrade’s public utilities company told Blic daily that the waiting period for a funeral in one of their cemeteries was between two and five days, depending on the graveyard.

    “Since October 3, due to an increase in the number of burials and cremations, burials on Sundays have been instituted in some of the larger cemeteries,” the public utilities company has stated.

    The Valjevo funeral company also claims that “it has never been this bad”. As they say, over the last month, there have been between five and seven funerals every day out of six working days, and this is “such a huge number that it often happens that funerals have to be conducted in the afternoon as well, which has never been the case.”

    Funeral companies in Uzice also have more work than they used to. “It has never been like this. Drivers and chaplains and grave diggers who dig tombs every day and have to work on every Saturday are exhausted, and so far they have had two free Saturdays a month”, a representative of the Uzice City cemetery has said for the Blic daily.

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