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    According to director of Posta Srbije, workers’ protests are „CLEARLY POLITICALLY motivated“

    Acting Director of the postal company Posta Srbije, Zoran Djordjevic, says that the occasional protests of some of the workers of Posta Srbije „clearly have political“ reasons and he adds that an increase in salaries for the company’s workers will be proposed, but that the same measure will not be applied for the management.

    „This has absolutely nothing to do with a salary increase, but is purely politically motivated. The reasons for this are solely political,“ Djordjevic said about the workers’ protests.

    He pointed out that Posta Srbije had one representative trade union and six smaller ones, and that the management negotiated with the unions and consulted with them.

    As Djordjevic pointed out, the company forecasted an increase in the wage of 10 percent. It will be suggested to the Government of Serbia to increase the salaries only to those who are in technology, and that the salaries of the management should not be increased, the acting director said.

    Those who have the lowest salaries are expected to receive an increase of up to 17%, Djordjevic said.

    He added that Posta Srbije wanted the work instruments, such as bicycles, mopeds, cars and uniforms to be „at a higher level“ and he announced new services, „since we are entering digitalization“.

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