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    Wildfire in the SOUTH of Serbia: New fire pockets emerged, Stara Planina still ON FIRE

    Wildfires are burning in southern Serbia on several fronts. Fire blaze has not calmed down on Stara Planina since Sunday, and according to Emergency Headquarters extinguishing is hampered by rough terrain and wind. Around 500 hectares of low vegetation and trees are on fire near Trgoviste, two buildings have burned down and state of emergency has been declared in this municipality, and fire is burning in the part of Vidojevica Mountain near Prokuplje, as well as above Vranje, „Juzne vesti“ reports. The Coordinator of Emergency Headquarters in Pirot, Sreten Savov says that the situation on Stara Planina is changing on hourly basis, but there is still no danger to the population in villages on Stara Planina. „Additional units have been dispatched, gendarmerie is involved as well and over 140 rescuers are on site. Fire is still burning, far away from the villages Topli Do and Dojkinci, the population is safe and so is their property. Hampering circumstances are the height zone, which is from 1,700 to 1,900 meters and where there the fire is blazing, wind is blowing and terrain is rough,“ Savov explains. He adds that local self-government and the Emergency Headquarters are on standby if state of emergency needs to be declared, and as she says, this estimate is given by the Emergency Sector.

    Izvor: Južne vesti

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