Where did the Government earn the right to postpone pay grades?

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    Where did the Government earn the right to postpone pay grades?

    The United Trade Union of Serbia “Sloga” has estimated that Serbian government, by postponing the implementation of pay grades for employees in public services for 2020, has shown that it behaves autocratically and violates norms of democracy, rule of law and the Constitution.

    Members of the Trade Union have begged the question: “Where did the Serbian government earn the right to declare null and void implementation of the law previously voted out in the Serbian Assembly and which date of implementation is an integral part of the law?”

    “We express serious suspicion that this is an integral part of an illegal Government strategy to prepare for snap elections in 2019 and amendment of the Constitution, and that money which would be necessary for implementation of pay grades will be spent on pre-election agitations, by manipulative allocations for certain categories of employees and pensioners, in form of a short-term financial aid, etc.,” “Sloga” has announced.

    The Serbian government has decided to postpone the implementation of the Law on Employees’ Salary System in the Public Sector Employees and the Law on Employees in Public Services, who should have started with implementation as of January 1st of the following year.

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