What the AP agency writes about the new Minister of Finance

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    What the AP agency writes about the new Minister of Finance

    The US news agency AP has reported that former mayor of Belgrade, Sinisa Mali, who was involved in numerous financial and other scandals, was appointed as the new Serbian Minister of Finance.

    Mali was the central figure of the illegal demolition of buildings at the centre of Belgrade, which took place at night in 2014 for the purpose of clearing the terrain to build a luxury quarter funded by a conglomerate based in the United Arab Emirates, reports AP.

    The agency adds that Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, whom it describes as “an autocratic Serbian leader”, accused Mali of being behind the demolition, but later protected him from any legal consequences.

    It is believed that Vucic is behind the nomination of Mali for the Minister of Finance, AP adds.

    The Parliament of Serbia has appointed Mali as the Minister of Finance by an overwhelming majority. Out of 184 MPs present, 154 voted in favour of his appointment, while 30 were against it.


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