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    What rose in price in a year: Eggs three times “faster” than minimum wage

    From last September to this September, everything increased in price significantly, and firewood is as much as 81 percent more expensive at the end of this summer than last year.

    A cubic meter of firewood cost 50 euros on average towards the end of last summer, while its current average price is RSD 10,000, the Danas daily reports.

    A liter of oil was RSD 174.5 in mid-September last year, while it now costs RSD 198 on average in shops.

    A kilogram of sugar rose by 42 percent in a year – a kilogram cost RSD 72 last year, and it now costs RSD 102.5.

    Yoghurt increased in price a little less in percentages, and it now costs RSD 130, while a liter of the same yogurt in September 2021 cost RSD 95.

    Eggs rose in price by nearly 47 percent in the same period of time, as 10 eggs cost RSD 137 last September, and this one RSD 201.

    In a year, fresh meat, chicken fillet rose in price by 17.5%, pork loin by 26.8% and beef loin by as much as 30.2%.

    The price of diesel fuel has also changed dramatically in the last year – it is 33 percent more expensive now than in September last year.

    At the same time, the minimum labour price increased least – by only 10.2 percent. Last year, the minimum wage was RSD 32,126, and since January it has been just over RSD 35,000.

    Nevertheless, the Social and Economic Council „increased“ the minimum wage by 14.3 percent, which means that the minimum wage will increase to RSD 40,020, but only as of January next year.

    By confirming this decision, the Government of Serbia said in a statement that „it is particularly important that it has been achieved that the minimum wage grows in real terms more than inflation has been growing.“

    However, when looking at the increase in the prices of these necessary foods, it can be seen that the growth of the minimum wage in percentages does not „follow“ any of the above-mentioned increases, and January is – far away.

    Izvor: Danas, BIZLife

    Foto: Pixabay

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