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    After the revision, Sapic plans to annul Belgrade’s decade-old debts

    Mayor of Belgrade, Aleksandar Sapic, has said that after the revision of the city budget, assistance will be provided for municipalities, and that the City of Belgrade will try to annul all the previous debts.

    “These are decade-long debts. I announced a long time ago that if I ever got a chance to be mayor, I would not make a difference between municipalities,“Sapic said.

    He pointed out that it was difficult to revise the budget due to the economic situation in the country, because some of the money needed to be transferred for other purposes.

    „Nevertheless, I think we have done a good job, and we managed to find money and help all the municipalities in the city,“ Sapic said.

    “We will do anything so as not to ask the state for money”

    He pointed out that the city would do anything not to ask for money from the state budget for certain activities.

    „On the territory of the entire city, we will provide assistance to children under 18 and to the entire education sector and to all those who work with them (housekeepers, cleaning personnel, kindergarten teachers, cooks) and to all those who care for these children,“ the mayor said.

    According to him, these will be money vouchers that will help a large number of families provide the necessary things for children.

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