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    „What awaits us in 2021? Blood, sweat and tears, as Churchill would say“

    The current situation with the coronavirus has forced many managers to think outside the box, as well as to solve business challenges more easily with the help of technology. The first #BIZKolegium, organized by BIZLife, was held at the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel Belgrade City Centre, with a special focus on marketing, communications and innovation.

    One of the interlocutors of #BIZKolegijum was Borislav Miljanovic, the CEO of Represent System:

    (Non) communication in the age of coronavirus?

    I call the corona-induced crisis a play forward crisis. It’s like when we start watching a movie, and then someone rewinds us the same movie half an hour in advance and we see the same actors from the beginning, but in a later movie sequence. This is how we saw this year how we will live and communicate in the next two years. And it is clear that communication is moving further towards the online sphere, as we will have to find new formats and creatively adjust existing technological options.

    Did innovations help?

    They did. Can you imagine a life with corona but without a fast internet?! The problem is that we have not yet managed to adapt and refine all these innovations that are now available to us, so they somehow make us feel discomfort, like when wearing new shoes.

    What awaits us in 2021?

    As Churchill would say, blood, sweat and tears. I think the first part of the year will be as gloomy as this whole year. I sincerely hope that at least in the second part we will be able to spread our wings and start returning to normal life activities. But the question remains, what will that new normal state be at the time. The longer the crisis lasts, the less we are likely to return to old habits. Covid-19 taught us that we can have regional boards at the same time as Belgrade boards using Teams. It will remain the same even when Covid-19 ends. We are all waiting for the vaccine, and still no one knows when it will arrive and how much resistance there will be when it needs to be implemented to the general population. One needs to prepare for a long and difficult business year, and if it is not so bad, it will be easier for everyone.

    Izvor: BIZLife

    Foto: BIZLife

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