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    What are minimum and average earnings, and what is consumer basket in the region?

    In Serbia, the consumer basket amounted to 753 euros in August this year, the minimum salary was 281 euros, while the average was 642 euros.

    These figures are somewhat different in North Macedonia, where the consumer basket amounted to 840 euros in August 2022. The minimum wage was 293 euros and the average wage was 520 euros.

    Montenegro’s consumer basket amounted to 781 euros in September. The minimum wage was 450 euros and the average wage was 718 euros.

    In Bosnia and Herzegovina, in August this year, the consumer basket amounted to 1,455 euros, while the minimum and average earnings amounted to 271 euros and 571 euros, respectively.

    These data were published by Radio Free Europe (RSE).

    Namely, it was previously pointed out by the Centre for Democracy Foundation that Serbia, by ratifying the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, assumed the obligation to respect, protect and exercise the right to work with dignity.

    „Nevertheless, the data show that most citizens have been denied the right to decent work in terms of employment opportunities, to exercise of the right to adequate earnings, the right to protection in the event of unemployment, as well as employment security,“ the statement said earlier.

    „Most employees’ salaries do not allow for a dignified life for employees and their families: Over 683,000 employees have salaries with which they cannot meet the costs of the minimum consumer basket, and over 1.6 million of them do not have enough funds to afford an average consumer basket. 93% of the unemployed registered in the employment service are not entitled to a cash benefit, and for the few who receive it, its amount is not enough to go over the poverty line”.

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