Welcome to Serbia, the country of subsidies

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    Welcome to Serbia, the country of subsidies

    According to instructions of the Serbian Ministry of Finance for the preparation of budget for 2019, subsidies for agriculture should amount to RSD36.2 billion in the following year, and around RSD17.6 billion for the economy.

    Subsidies for railway and intermodal transport are planned in the total amount of around RSD14.7 billion, within the sector of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure,.

    Subsidies of RSD6.3 billion are planned for “Putevi Srbije”, out of which RSD500 million is to be allocated for Serbia’s participation in the Project of Road Rehabilitation and Improvement of Traffic Safety, and RSD3.1 billion for “Koridori Srbije”. The amount of RSD900 million is planned for allocation within the sector of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, for participation in loan of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the project for improving competitiveness and employment), that will be realized through the Innovation Fund.

    Subsidies for the Public Enterprise for Underground Coal Exploitation “Resavica” are foreseen as well, but the amount is not stated.

    Subsidies in the amount of RSD4 billion are planned for funding of public broadcasting services (RTS and RTV), within allocation of the Ministry of Culture and Information.

    Budget funds for vouchers that will abet domestic tourism should amount to RSD500 million.

    It is emphasized in the 2019 Budget Preparation Guide that the budget for 2019 will secure a mild tax relief on labour, establishment of a more favourable economic environment with certain changes in income tax and elimination of certain benefits through a unique legal arrangement of these revenues.

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