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    Webiz in Nis: Registration sold out TWO weeks before the start of training!

    It took 7 years and the organization of a total of 22 events in Zrenjanin, Subotica, Zlatibor and Novi Sad, attended by over 8,000 people, so that we could finally get courage to organize the first Webiz event in Nis. We were waiting for the right moment, but we always knew that the audience in Nis was eager for such educational and business events. We were assured when we closed the application period due to sold out registrations – two weeks before the event began, says Vladimir Kovac, Webiz director. This is an intensive two-day educational event that will take place on 3 and 4 October at Constantinus Palace Congress Centre. The audience in Nis can expect the most eminent lecturers in the field of digital economy, many of whom will share their knowledge, advice and useful tips with them for the first time. As Webiz educational event is held in Nis for the first time, and there are not many such events in this part of Serbia, the organizers decided on a slightly more general topic – digital economy, within which the topics of discussion will include the positioning on social networks, branding on the Internet, Google advertising, email marketing, digital transformation, the digital ecosystem, but also WordPress and WooCommerce as popular platforms. – Through lectures, panels and interviews, we will provide insight into the best practices of doing business online. We have made every effort to find the most appropriate lecturers and practitioners for the topics of education, thus Momir Djekic will talk about digital transformation, Ivan Bildi about digital communication channel management, Vladimir Zaric about successful business in digital environment, Luka Pejovic about crowdfunding, Branimir Cigale about Google advertising, Milan Trbojevic about business blogs, Marko Ilic about successful e-commerce portals, Darko Videnov about email marketing… The panel „What can an entrepreneur do in the digital world?“ is also interesting, at which the representatives of the state and companies will present to the interested audience great opportunities of e-commerce business from the most important angles: regulatory, innovative, financial, logistical, and provide them with specific answers and solutions. In addition to a large number of lecturers, Webiz training sessions are also attended by the representatives of numerous companies, small and medium-sized enterprises and various organizations, so this event is a perfect opportunity to create new business opportunities and acquaintances.

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