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    We are educating engine drivers for a German company

    Signing of a cooperation agreement between Belgrade based Railway School and German private rail enterprise is assessed by domestic public experts as a wrong move, the Danas daily reports.

    Belgrade based Railway School has signed a cooperation agreement with the German company Die Landerbahn, in order to modernize teaching resources of that school. Serbian Ministry of Education has announced that cooperation also foresees support in realization of practical teaching and cooperation in education of professional staff.

    According to German media, the agreement is mutually beneficial, and it will secure professional rail staff for Die Landerbahn, mainly engine drivers, who are fewer and fewer and in great demand.

    Rail companies in that country have been struggling for a long time to fill vacancies in locomotives’ cabs. Only the public enterprise German Railways is missing more than 700 engine drivers across the country, thus for months buses instead of trains have been used for transport on certain local routes.

    Izvor: Danas

    Foto: DB

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