Vucic's "broad point of view" inspires optimism among market vendors: No new roadblocks

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    Vucic’s “broad point of view” inspires optimism among market vendors: No new roadblocks

    A delegation of market vendors, who blocked the centre of Belgrade two days ago, is satisfied with the meeting with President Aleksandar Vucic, as the representatives of the “Opstanak” Association told reporters.

    A new meeting is scheduled in a week, and in the meantime there will be no more roadblocks and protests, Petrit Redzep of the “Opstanak” Association told RTS TV.

    President of the association, Srdjan Prastalo, said that he was even more optimistic now than before the meeting.

    “We were moderately optimistic, and now the dose of optimism is higher. The president has proven his broad point of view, but he has received new information from us as well. It takes time for him to consider this information and it has been agreed that there will be a new meeting after seven days. He said he would help as much as he could and we are satisfied. I believe we have discussed key topics,” he said.

    “We are open to all proposals for as long as fiscal registers are not included, that is our red line,” said Prastalo.

    A delegation of market vendors held a meeting with Vucic in the Presidency Office, because of the dissatisfaction with the introduction of fiscal cash registers as of May 1.

    In addition to the president and the delegation of market vendors, the meeting was also attended by the representatives of the Tax Administration and the Ministry of Finance.

    Market vendors, dissatisfied with the introduction of electronic fiscalization, blocked the centre of Belgrade on Wednesday.

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