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    Vucic: With the help of Siemens, Kragujevac will become a center for the production of RAIL VEHICLES for Europe

    President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, said, during his visit to the Siemens Mobility Cerovac factory in Kragujevac, that the German company was determined to make Kragujevac a railway center for the production of rail vehicles in Europe in the future.

    „This is the beginning. The visit of General Manager of Siemens Mobility, Michael Peter, shows the clear determination of Siemens to turn Kragujevac into a future railway hub and hub for the production of trains in Europe,“ Vucic said after visiting the factory.

    Vucic, together with director of Siemens in Serbia, Udo Eichlinger, inspected the tram made in Kragujevac for Munich, stating that the first 10 trams produced in Kragujevac had already gone to Bremen, that trams were being made for Nuremberg and Copenhagen, and that he expected that in the future these trams would also be seen on the streets of Serbian cities.

    He also recalled that more than 900 people were employed in Siemens in Kragujevac, mostly from the Sumadija and Podunavlje districts.

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