Vucic from Davos: Serbia has enough sugar, we are limiting the price

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    Vucic from Davos: Serbia has enough sugar, we are limiting the price

    President Aleksandar Vucic has announced that Serbia will protect the price of sugar, regardless of the quantity, and he pointed out that Serbia has enough of it.

    Speaking about the shortage of sugar in shops, he said that in Serbia the price of sugar in a pack of one kilogram was protected and that then those who worked with sugar, such as beekeepers or distillers, made agreements with the managers to buy larger quantities of that cheaper sugar, which is why the price of sugar would be protected regardless of the packaging.

    “We talked with the owners of two sugar plants and 20 trade chains and I believe that this will all be fine,” Vucic told the media from Serbia in Davos.

    He stated that the only topic at the World Economic Forum was Ukraine and what was happening there, and everything else was put aside, adding that it used to be possible to hear the opinion of the German Chancellor and the President of China in Davos, and that today this forum was a place of “absolutely western orientation”.

    Vucic pointed out that everyone was talking about the upcoming winter – about energy products, food and the sustainability of economies in terms of protecting growth and keeping inflation under control.

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