Vucic declares victory: EMS remains in the north of Kosovo

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    Vucic declares victory: EMS remains in the north of Kosovo

    Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has said that Serbia achieved a victory at the voting in the European Network of Transmission System Operators (ENTSO), which allows the power distributor ElektromrezaSrbije to remain part of the energy network in the north of Kosovo and Metohija.

    “I have good news, it is a small victory, but we are very happy,” Vucic said after a military exercise at the Pester training ground.

    Vucic pointed out that Hungary had voted against Kosovo’s proposal, as well as Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and, for the first time, Macedonia and Montenegro abstained from voting.

    “This is an important victory for us, a small defeat for them, and a big victory for us. Especially because we were right, justice was on our side, it was not fair for them to do that to us and they failed,” Vucic said, adding that that was more important to Serbia than the Interpol issue.

    Vucic added that the authorities in Pristina failed to do what they had planned in the energy agency. “This could not have happened without the significant influence of the Hungarian people and Hungarians from our country, so I once again thank Mr. (Istvan) Pastor,” Vucic said.

    The European Network of Transmission System Operators(ENTSO) consists of 43 transmission system operators from 36 European countries.

    ENSTO recently stated that “it is working on the training about network codes that will be open to non-member countries – Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Kosovo”.

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