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    The rise in bankruptcies in the region has not bypassed Serbia

    Judging by the rise in the number of bankruptcies in the economies of Central and Eastern European countries, and according to the research of the Coface credit rating agency, the countries in this region have reached their peak.

    Among the 14 countries in the region, nine reported a rise in bankruptcies, while five reported a decline. Unfortunately, Serbia is among these nine.

    As it is assessed in the Coface’s analysis, last year, the region reached record-braking economic growth in the past eight years of 4.5 percent and it can expect a slight decline.

    However, there is still no indication of a recession mainly due to solid domestic demand, although in this year and in 2019, the macroeconomic environment will not be at the level of 2017.

    It should be added that Serbia is lagging behind CEE countries in the investment cycle for three to four years, as indicated by significantly lower economic growth in previous years compared to the region.

    Izvor: Danas

    Foto: Pixabay

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