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    Vucic announces: NEW MEDICINE against coronavirus arrives in Serbia (VIDEO)

    A new drug against the coronavirus has arrived in Serbia from the United States, president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, announced on his Instagram account.

    „A new drug against the coronavirus has arrived in Serbia. It was purchased in the USA, and in Europe, apart from us, it has only been purchased by Denmark, Lithuania and Slovenia. People’s lives and health are priceless!“, the president wrote.

    He said that these were tablets and that one box was enough for a patient.

    „We procured enough of them for 11,500 patients, and we will procure them for 50,000 patients. The drug is administered to patients within the first five days of being tested positive for the coronavirus. Usually, the most vulnerable are the obese, those who suffer from diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. It saves lives, prevents mortality in a huge percentage,“ Vucic said.

    Based on an urgent procedure, the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia will start the expert assessment of the documentation on drugs against the coronavirus.

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