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    Grcic not to resign after all, four directors in EPS dismissed

    After analysing the events that have led to the shutdown of the units in the TENT power plant on the night between Saturday and Sunday, acting director of Elektroprivreda Srbije, Milorad Grcic, made a decision to dismiss four directors who are responsible in the coal and electricity production chain.

    Due to omissions, Dejan Jevtic, executive director for coal production, Milan Miskovic, director of coal production in the Mining Complex Kolubara, Savo Bezmarevic, executive director for energy production and Goran Lukic, director of energy production in the TENT branch will be dismissed.

    So far, it has been determined that the problem occurred on several levels, in Kolubara, coal of lower quality was loaded into wagons, which was soaked in wet snow and froze during transport.

    Milorad Grcic points out that the responsibility for the operation of the entire system is on him, as the director of Elektroprivreda Srbije, but also that the immediate managers must bear responsibility for inadmissible mistakes in their work.

    Grcic thanked all the workers who worked day and night to correct these omissions and raise production.

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