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    Vucic: Air Serbia will survive, it is better than any other in the region

    Air Serbia will be restructured, and in order to survive, recapitalization will be considered, announced President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic.

    „We will have to submit a restructuring plan, because we are under the direct control of the European Commission for state aid.“ „We cannot do anything that big European countries do not do, and we want to save our company because it is better than any other in the region,“ he told reporters in Belgrade.

    Vucic said that Air Serbia would survive.

    „Air Serbia will not only survive, but we will also have the strength and knowledge to do the recapitalization, if it is necessary, to take over a higher share, there is no problem. But Air Serbia will be a successful company and the pride of Serbia in every place in the world,“ said Vucic.

    He noted that Minister of Finance, Sinisa Mali, „shattered the claims of the Fiscal Council about Air Serbia to pieces“.

    The Fiscal Council stated, among other things, that Air Serbia owed 200 million euros and that it needed restructuring.

    Vucic said that the „attacks“ on Air Serbia „mostly come“ from Serbia.

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