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    Vreme: Five victims of sexual abuse in Petnica

    The Vreme weekly has announced that in tomorrow’s issue it will publish the confessions of five victims who experienced sexual abuse from the same abuser in the Petnica Research Station in the period from 2003 to 2014, as well as a personal apology from former director Vigor Majic to the victims of violence in Petnica.

    Vreme reports that the abuse included forcing underage girls and girls who just turned 18 to take photos without their clothes on, and the methods the perpetrator used ranged from manipulating the victims, to open coercion to drinking alcohol, blackmail, threats.

    In two cases, there was physical aggression, and in one case the victim was photographed unconscious, and according to the Vreme weekly, there are more than 20 victims who confided in someone, while the actual number is not known.

    Some of the interlocutors of the Vreme weekly have been trying for years to raise this issue before the management of the Research Centre, and even to report the case to the police.

    According to Majic, but also the current director Nikola Bozic, the administration has known since 2014 that the problem exists, but the first measures were taken only in 2017.

    Izvor: Vreme

    Foto: Pixabay

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