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    Vesic: Reconstruction of 1,700 km of railways is necessary

    There are 1,700 kilometers of railways in Serbia that are more than 40 years old, said Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Goran Vesic, adding that the acceptable age of railways was up to 20 years, and after that period reconstruction was necessary.

    Vesic told Happy TV that trains on such railways could develop a speed of up to 42 kilometres per hour, and that at the same time only on 159 kilometres of railways in Serbia it was possible for trains to run more than 100 kilometres per hour.

    He also said that „by 2020, only one railway line was built, from Batajnica“, and that „the reconstruction of hundreds of kilometres of railway lines is now being done“.

    „It is important that we build railways, the construction of cargo tracks ensures the arrival of investors,“ Vesic said, adding that this meant the possibility of „the cheapest transport“ of raw materials or goods for investors.

    Vesic said that at the time of the former government, there were „290 derailments of trains carrying dangerous substances“, without anyone informing the public about it.

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