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    Vanja Grbic about brain drain: I came back to pay debt to my teachers

    Due to the dissatisfaction with life in Serbia, many young people have decided to leave the country. However, one should be aware that what causes dissatisfaction in Serbia cannot be changed if everyone leaves the country, according to famous Serbian volleyball player Vladimir Vanja Grbic.

    Speaking from his own experience, he says that after 20 years spent abroad, he returned to Serbia to help improve things in our country.

    „Abroad, you have conditions that are better than here, salaries are higher, there is a well-regulated system. But life is also much more expensive. No matter how successful you are abroad and no matter how much you achieve, it will never be the same as achieving it in your own country, said Grbic in a conversation with young managers of six companies, who decided to stay in the country and build their business here.

    That is why, as he says, despite offers to stay, he decided to return to Serbia and pay debt to those from whom he learned, „to give back with his passion, his knowledge, his experience to the new generations“.

    The famous athlete talked about this topic with young, talented and ambitious people who decided to stay in Serbia. They talked about how they had made that decision, what motivated them to work in their country, what they singled out as the most important things that would make them satisfied with life in Serbia and what they found in the companies where they built their careers.

    They shared their experiences within the project „Brain drain from Serbia – Act responsibly now for the future of Serbia“, which is implemented by the Serbian Association of Managers (SAM) with the support of the Government of Switzerland.

    The project was launched with the aim of raising public awareness about brain drain from Serbia, as well as creating a dialogue on the positive aspects of circular migration. The special task of the project is to point out the possibilities and opportunities for professional and personal development of young people in Serbia through the promotion of company programs for talent development, professional internships and scholarships, programs for attracting staff and experts from the diaspora, as well as establishing dialogue with state institutions on the topic of circular migration.

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