Kon "is not frightening us, he is objective": DISASTROUS situation is not far away

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    Kon “is not frightening us, he is objective”: DISASTROUS situation is not far away

    A member of the Crisis Staff, Predrag Kon, MD, warns that we are not far from a disastrous epidemiological situation in which people will no longer have a place to be treated.

    The epidemiologist says that 1,430 infected persons were registered in Belgrade today, which is significantly more than during the entire previous week, when that number ranged between slightly fewer than 1,000 and slightly fewer than 1,200.

    “It just seemed that we had reached the peak. I hoped that it would stop at that level this week, but, unfortunately, what is happening was predictable – the curve continues to rise,” Kon, MD points out.

    He says that many researches in our country and in the world have revealed that the virus is present much more than it is officially registered. “The number by which the number of officially confirmed cases of infection is multiplied was initially between five and 10, and after the research was done, it is between 10 and 20,” states Kon.

    He points out that all the measures were defined long ago and that non-compliance with the prescribed measures is an obvious violation of the law, adding that there is no other plan for the future than to vacate hospital places and to ensure that the most serious patients have a place to be treated.

    “This rush is so great and we should not be surprised because the next stage is a disastrous epidemiological situation. It is a situation where there is no place to treat people. It must be understood that I am not saying this for the sake of frightening people, but as an objective assessment,” emphasizes Dr. Kon.

    He warns that we are not far from such a disastrous situation.

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