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    Sinisa Mali to Fiscal Council: You have a completely LOSER APPROACH

    On Monday, in the Serbian Parliament, Minister of Finance Sinisa Mali and members of the Fiscal Council sharply discussed  the measure of assistance to all adult citizens of 100 euros, and the Minister asked whether the job of the Fiscal Council was to criticize and refute the EBRD and the International Labour Organization, which just praised that measure of the state of Serbia.

    At the Parliamentary Finance Committee, President of the Fiscal Council, Pavle Petrovic, and a member of that body, Nikola Altiparmakov, reiterated the view that this was a bad measure and that the EBRD and ILO had made an error in their calculations in the study they published and that the Fiscal Council called on those international organizations to deny what they  had claimed.

    „You are the Fiscal Council of the Republic of Serbia, and not the one who criticizes the ILO, you are not paid for that job,“ said Minister Mali.

    Petrovic responded that the Fiscal Council was paid to be objective.

    „You have a completely loser approach, if you have the ILO, and you and the others feel sorry, so you say that the state has not reduced poverty. What does that have to do with what the Government of Serbia is doing,“ said the Minister of Finance.

    He added that it did not make any sense for the Fiscal Council to criticize the position of the ILO and the EBRD. „OK, if that is your part of the job… You will criticize every good news you hear, but I think that is not your job. When I get some constructive criticism… but I do not know why the Fiscal Council was called in to criticize the ILO report. You will never be able to explain that to me,“ Mali said.

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