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    Two thousand litres of „diplomatic brandy“ stolen in Ivanjica

    Two thousand litres of brandy intended for receptions at the Embassy of the Russian Federation to Belgrade, as well as the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs were stolen in Ivanjica, which is why it was named „a diplomatic brandy“. As web portal „Vostok“ reports, the „Serbka“ brandy, that even reached the kitchen of the administration of the Russian President Putin, disappeared from the warehouse of „Savicevic“ distillery. Distillery reports that the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Kraljevo was also involved in the case because, as they say, „the brandy itself is not the problem, but destination where it was to be shipped, since portion of the brandy was specially processed and under special conditions for a special customer“. Based on instructions from the Prosecutor’s Office, Ivanjica based Crime Department has launched an investigation, thus several people have been brought for an interrogation and the investigation continues. According to unofficial information obtained by the web portal „Vostok“, two people who were employed at the distillery have been repeatedly brought in for interrogation.

    Izvor: Danas, FoNet

    Foto: Pixabay

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