Truck drivers from Serbia stuck in Ukraine for 10 days

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    Truck drivers from Serbia stuck in Ukraine for 10 days

    A total of five truck drivers from Serbia, four at the Ukrainian-Polish border crossing Jahodin and one in Semypolky near Kiev, have been waiting for the 10th day to obtain permission to return to Serbia.

    This was confirmed for Tanjug by president of the International Transport Association, Nedjo Mandic.

    Mandic said that passports had been taken away from the drivers from Serbia, that they did not have enough water or food and that they were forbidden to move at the truck terminal at the Jahodin border crossing.

    He confirmed that Serbia was diplomatically trying to find a solution with the authorities of Ukraine, since the traffic of trucks going to or from Russia is prohibited, as is the case with Serbian trucks.

    Ambassador of Serbia to Poland, Nebojsa Kosutic, has confirmed that official contact has been established with the Ukrainian authorities and that information has been obtained that the law on war administration is in force, according to which customs administration is no longer competent for the case of our drivers.

    “That is why they are waiting for instructions on how to act in this situation,” says Serbian Ambassador Nebojsa Kosutic, as reported by RTS TV.

    Izvor: Politika, Tanjug

    Foto: Pixabay

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