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    Traffic is NOT the PRIMARY cause of pollution of our air

    The main problem of air pollution in Serbia lies in the uncontrolled use of small heating plants and individual household heating, while traffic in cities has a far smaller share in total pollution, so it is unclear why the state subsidizes electric cars instead of solving key problems of pollution, reports the portal Autonomija.

    In March this year, a decree was passed allocating up to 120 million dinars to subsidizing the purchase of electric and hybrid vehicles, and that decision is „wrong on many levels“, said program director of the Regulatory Institute for Renewable Energy and Environment, Mirko Popovic.

    „The state subsidizes the purchase of hybrid vehicles with 2,500 euros, instead of subsidizing more ecological and energy efficient production of thermal energy, which is a bigger polluter. Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly, but that is not the main cause of the problem. For 2,500 euros, one household could buy a more efficient heating element, for example. We can only speculate whether there are any private interests behind the subsidies of those vehicles,“ said Popovic.

    According to experts, one of the measures that would significantly improve the air quality compared to electric cars is the establishment of a district heating system.

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