Traders announced rise in “sava” bread price, then repaid money to customers

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    Traders announced rise in “sava” bread price, then repaid money to customers

    The owners of certain stores announced two days ago that the price of the “sava” bread, the price of which is limited to a maximum of RSD 46, will be increased.

    On this basis, they received monthly payments at the price of RSD 60, but they still returned the money to the customers.

    President of the Union of Bakeries, Zoran Pralica, has told the Beta agency that the price of the “sava” bread remains restricted until May 11, when the regulation regulating it to the maximum amount of RSD 46 expires.

    Pralica said that bakers still got flour at the price of RSD 30 from commodity reserves, and that it cost from RSD 55 to 58 per kilogram in free sale, and that a loaf of that bread, if made from flour at the market price, should cost from RSD 60 to 70.

    He added that the “sava” bread made of flour from commodity reserves at the price of RSD 30, when the price of energy and other raw materials was included, because yeast alone rose in price by 40%, should cost about RSD 50.

    He said that due to the poor purchasing power of consumers, bakers were “balancing” the price of bread, but also other products so that sales would not drop.

    As he said, bakers had a lot of problems due to the lack of labour force, which is why it had increased in price and raised the costs of doing business.

    Pralica recalled that flour cost RSD 28 per kilogram last year, and that it was now more expensive in free sale by about 100 percent.

    Pralica announced a meeting of bakers next week to discuss on-going problems in the sector.

    Baker Zoran Grubanovski said that the profit on a loaf of “sava” bread was minimal, but that bakers sold some of the other products to customers together with bread, which made it profitable.

    Izvor: Beta

    Foto: Pixabay

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