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    Trade unions and Zijin agree on collective agreement

    The representatives of the representative trade unions of the Zijin Copper company in the copper and precious metals mine in Bor have reached an agreement with the company’s management on a new collective agreement, said president of the branch trade union of mining and energy „Nezavisnost“, Caslav Garic.

    He told the Beta agency that the price of working hours increased from RSD 177 to 192.

    „A compromise solution has been reached, the working hour has been increased, and the payment of RSD 4,000 goes into the basic salary. Salaries with a lower coefficient will be increased by 15 percent, and with a higher coefficient, the percentage of increase will be slightly lower than 15 percent,“ Garic said.

    He added that the Collective Agreement between the representative trade unions and the employer would be signed on Wednesday.

    According to him, the salary increase will be incorporated into the January amounts for this year. He said an agreement had been reached on the length of the annual leave.

    „Trade unions are satisfied with the conclusion of negotiations after several protests over the arbitrary adoption of the rulebook that preceded the start of negotiations,“ Garic said.

    Zijin Copper Serbia operates within Zijin Mining Group, and it was founded in December 2018 when it signed a contract with the Government of Serbia on the purchase of 63 percent of the capital in the copper mine RTB Bor.

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