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    Momirovic: Albanians love Smoki flips, we will not allow price increase

    Interior and Foreign Trade Minister Tomislav Momirovic has said that Pristina’s ban on Serbian products and videos containing bullets in packages instead of biscuits and chips – are just a continuation of the political boycott.

    „They put pressure on the Albanian population who love our products, people love smoki flips,“ Momirovic told RTS.

    He points out that many companies from central Serbia sell their products in Kosovo and Metohija, noting that the volume of trade is not easy to calculate precisely because the quantities that go north and south are not equal.

    „That is more than 500 million euros, but it is very difficult to calculate accurately. We do not export to Kosovo and Metohija, but the fact is that people in Kosovo and Metohija, as well as people in the region, use our products,“Momirovic said.

    The market inspection in Kosovo and Metohija banned Serbian oil because, as they say, the weight does not correspond to the prescribed weight. The Minister explains that this is clear abuse.

    “This is just a continuation of the political boycott. They did not absolutely ban the sale of our oil, but they withdrew a certain contingent of a company from the sale and ordered that in the future no goods of that company could be sold. This is clear abuse that we have to fight,“ Momirovic said.

    He points out that the anxiety in Pristina is great and that it is not an accident, and that Serbia insists on connections in the Western Balkans, which, he notes, is confirmed by the large trade surplus with the countries of the region. „We have an economic interest in the region, peace is our policy, stability, we insist on it. We want to be and we are a key factor of peace and stability in the region,“ Momirovic said.

    Izvor: RTS

    Foto: Pixabay, Beta

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