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    Trade Union: Weapon workers work in cold halls

    The independent trade union of Kragujevac-based Zastava oruzje factory has requested that, due to low temperatures in most of the production halls and working areas, minimum working conditions should be ensured and the health of employees preserved.

    „Cold days also brought low temperatures in the plants, which are only a few degrees in the morning, which is why the workers stayed in almost impossible conditions for two days,“ the trade union said.

    They state that they work in „inhumane conditions“ due to the low temperature, because the company Energetika delivers to the factory „insufficient fluid temperature“, so production plants cannot be heated enough.

    President of the Independent Trade Union, Dragan Ilic, told Beta agency that they were told earlier at a meeting that this was due to government austerity measures, i.e. Energetika was ordered to reduce heating.

    He says that the morning temperatures in most of the halls are four, five degrees, and during the day the maximum is 10 to 12 degrees, while there are also working areas that are not heated at all. Ilic pointed out that such inhumane working conditions were especially difficult for women.

    „The supply valve burst, causing most of the production facilities to remain cold, which is why some workers were sent home, because no minimum conditions for safe and healthy work were created,“ the trade union said in a statement.

    It is added that the occupational health and safety service in the previous period confiscated the workers’ heaters, so there is no way of any heating.

    The independent trade union assessed that the non-functioning of the Supervisory Board, which has refused to appoint the CEO for 48 days, also contributed to the difficult situation.

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