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    Prime Minister in Nis: EUR 20 million for Science and Technology Park

    The Science and Technology Park in Nis should start the construction of a new building by the end of 2023, which was officially announced by Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, adding that the Government would allocate about 20 million euros from the joint budget for this investment.

    During the visit, Prime Minister Brnabic announced that services and solutions worth 20 million were exported from the NTP annually, and since 10 start-up companies were currently on hold, she emphasized the need for additional space.

    „We will have a new building in which, according to current estimates, we need to invest 20 million euros, it will be connected to the Science and Technology Park with a corridor and our plan is to start construction by the end of 2023.“

    Brnabic recalled the investments in the Nis airport, noting that Nis would be an „even more interesting city“ when the project of the modernization of the railway corridor 10, i.e. the Belgrade – Nis high-speed railway, was completed, but she also announced possible new investors in factories.

    At the moment, we are in negotiations with eight different investors about the investments in factories and plants in Nis, but in addition, NTP has a special potential in which about 500 of the best, most talented, most creative people who create added value work every day.

    Director of the Science and Technology Park, Milan Randjelovic, said that the new building would increase the capacity of the NTP threefold, thus creating conditions for close to 100 companies and 1200 employees.

    As a reminder, mayor at the time, Bulatovic, signed a contract with Prime Minister Brnabic on the construction of the Science and Technology Park in November 2017, the works began at the end of 2018, and it was officially opened in 2020.

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