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    Siniša Mali, priznanje

    Top officials REASSURE US again: “We still control prices, there is enough of everything”

    Finance Minister Sinisa Mali has said that according to the announced increase, the average pension in Serbia next year will be higher than 310 euros, and the average salary will be higher than 700 euros.

    Mali recalled that a total pension increase of 19.1 percent had been announced and that the first increase would be implemented from November 1 this year, and the second from January 1, 2023.

    „Furthermore, salaries and minimum wages will be increased and talks between trade unions and employers will begin from August 15, and if they do not agree, the government will get involved on September 1,“ Mali said for Pink TV.

    He stated that the minimum wage in 2012 amounted to RSD 15,000 and that the goal next year was to reach EUR 340.

    „If there is an increase in the minimum wage, we will completely relieve employers by reducing some contributions and by increasing the non-taxable part of the income,“ the minister said.

    Mali is also certain: A hard winter is ahead of us

    Speaking about the upcoming autumn and winter, Mali said that the situation was not easy and that we had a difficult winter ahead of us.

    As he says, in the last three years of the crisis, the state has always taken on this burden and demonstrated the strength and stability of its finances and the seriousness of economic policy.

    „We still control the prices of basic foods, we have enough of everything – flour, wheat, corn, oil, sugar, we even have enough for export to cover basic needs in the region,“ Mali said.

    Izvor: Pink/Agencije

    Foto: Beta/Milan Obradović

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