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    Employees in Kosovo and Metohija are FORBIDDEN to go on holidays – order “from above”

    Employees of Serbian institutions in northern Kosovo and Metohija are prohibited from taking annual leaves At the end of this working week, employees received an „oral warning“ from their superiors that they could not use annual leave in the upcoming period and that the reason for this was the „political situation“.

    Many employees, therefore, had to cancel all their plans, although they did not receive a decision in writing or a specific reason why they were forbidden to use their annual leaves.

    Not even those who have already signed an annual leave decision can go on vacation.

    „My boss told me yesterday afternoon that it was an order ‘from above’ and that I could not go on vacation even though I was supposed to be on vacation from today. All my plans have changed, not to mention human rights, which are violated very openly here and to which no one reacts,“ an employee told our portal.

    Those who were already on vacation at the time of issuing the “order” were called to return from it as soon as possible.

    Izvor: BIZLife, RSE

    Foto: BIZLife

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