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    Republic Geodetic Authority after being hacked: counters are not WORKING yet, what can you get done?

    Citizens cannot currently come to the counters of the Republic Geodetic Authority (RGZ) because after the hacking attacks it was necessary to protect the services and data and now gradually, all the services of the real estate cadastre are being put in operation in phases.

    As Maja Radovic of the Republic Geodetic Authority (RGZ) told RTS TV, all the data of the Serbian citizens that are in their databases are secure.

    Recently, due to hacking attacks, the services of the Geodetic Authority were unavailable.

    Radovic said that citizens could perform tasks related to the purchase and sale of real estate with public notaries, and that this service has been available from June 20.

    What can they have done at RGZ?

    When it comes to clients coming personally to the cadastre, Radovic says the only reason why citizens should come to the cadastre is to submit a request for the registration of real estate they bought 10 to 30 years ago.

    She explains that the real estate folio is available online for citizens at all state institutions, and that there is no reason why they should come to RGZ for that folio.

    “Only banks occasionally ask for a real estate folio in paper form. Unfortunately, in this situation, although the National Bank of Serbia has approved the use of the digital form, they do not accept it. In this case, citizens receive the document from public notaries,“ Radovic explains.

    Why did the Cadastre not work on the previous few days?

    According to her, in the past few days, the cadastre did not work, because it was necessary to protect the services and data.

    “Now gradually and in phases, all the services of the real estate cadastre are being put into operation. This is why citizens cannot come to the RGZ counters at the moment,“ Radovic said.

    She also says that they have invited the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance to organize an extraordinary inspection as soon as possible, in order to confirm or disprove these claims.

    Izvor: RTS

    Foto: Printscreen/YT

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