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    This summer travel for holiday in Greece via highway

    By the end of April one can expect completion of all works on a demanding highway route through Grdelica Gorge, Director of Construction Department at „Koridori Srbije” Aleksandar Senic has stated.

    „Koridori Srbije would like to inform general public that all asphalt paving works in Grdelica Gorge have been completed. We only have to finish construction of the gallery on slope two and equip the tunnel, and that section of the new highway through Grdelica Gorge will be ready for traffic,” Senic has said.

    He has pointed out that construction of the highway through Grdelica Gorge is perhaps the most challenging construction project in Serbia in this century, reminding that this section is 26.3 kilometres long, has 33 bridges, nine large and dozens of smaller retaining walls, and it also encompasses the river regulation section of more than four kilometres in length.

    This highway contains Predejane and Vladicin Han interchanges, as well as two large tunnels, out of which Manojle tunnel is currently the longest tunnel in Serbia.

    „We had meetings with contractors working on the gallery on slope 2, and they promised they will finish all works on the gallery until April 20th, thus as of April 20th gallery will be ready for traffic. Besides gallery, we also need to equip tunnel with electricity and other equipment, and contractors promised that entire equipping of the tunnel will end by the end of April,“ Senic has said.

    Izvor: B92, agencije

    Foto: Pixabay

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