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    They are searching for solution: How to motivate doctors and nurses to work outside the capital

    Health Minister Danica Grujicic has said that she will talk to economists about how many patients a health station must have in order to „be cost-effective“.

    Grujicic told Prva TV that they were working on „how to motivate nurses and doctors to work outside the capital“, and that „the patient must be in the centre of health care, like everywhere else in the world“.

    „It is necessary to form such health stations, such outpatient clinics, so that they can quickly do diagnostics,“ Grujicic said.

    She stated that she was not satisfied with the degree of data protection in the digitalization of the health system, and that „computers that are exclusively located in health institutions must be connected“, and that personal data should not be available even to patients themselves.

    She added that „we should not run away from the integration of private healthcare, which has a safe place in the whole system“, but that this would not happen until the state healthcare was well organized.

    Grujicic also said that health insurance reform would take place, as well as talks with doctors about „how many medications a patient can take a day“ in order to make them effective and to rationalize consumption.

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