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    Minister of Agriculture: By the end of March, payment of incentives from 2022

    By the end of March, farmers will be paid all claims based on incentives from 2022, announced Minister of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry Jelena Tanaskovic.

    Tanaskovic told Vecernje Novosti daily that „the total receivables were RSD 15 billion, and some of them have already been paid“.

    In relation to spring sowing, before which the state pays subsidies to farmers, Tanaskovic said that „there is processed material, which was not the case last year“.

    She also said that a large number of farmers responded to the invitation to register in the e-agrar sector.

    „So far, 132,000 farmers have taken the parameters for e-ID (electronic registration). I think that is great information. We started the issuance of parameters for the e-ID number on January 16. The idea is for farmers to update their status,“ Tanaskovic said.

    Tanaskovic pointed out that the ministry insisted on updating the data so that, among other things, the register of the Veterinary Administration could be used to check the true number of animals that someone had on a farm.

    According to her, the data from that register would be used for granting subsidies.

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