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    These are PENALTIES for not carrying COVID PASS

    For the second night in a row, covid passes, which are obligatory from Saturday at 10 pm, were checked by 2,400 inspectors together with the Community Service Police in the hospitality facilities, and penalties will start being imposed as of tonight, RTS reports.

    Penalties for non-compliance with this measure amount to up to several hundred thousand dinars.

    Unvaccinated citizens need to have a PCR or antigen test done in one of the state laboratories.

    The fines stipulated for a legal entity are RSD 300,000, for entrepreneurs RSD 150,000, for the person responsible in a company RSD 50,000, for a covid officer RSD 30,000, and for a guest of in a facility who does not have a covid pass RSD 5,000.

    At 10 pm, a covid officer must be present in every hospitality facility and he/she must ensure that after 10 pm no one can be inside who does not have a covid pass.

    As it is stated, the only valid tests are those that were done in reference laboratories, and testing in front of hospitality facilities is not possible.

    Izvor: RTS

    Foto: Pixabay

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